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Operation Round Up®

NEW!  Review the Operation Round Up Information Brochure

REMC is giving customers an opportunity to help the community where they live - and it barely requires lifting a finger.

The program is called Operation Round Up and it involves REMC customers putting their nickels and dimes to work each month for the good of their community.

This is a voluntary program. Customers who volunteer for the program will have their electric bills rounded up to the next dollar each month. For example, rather than paying $61.75, you would pay an even $62, with the extra 25 cents going into the Operation Round Up fund.

The idea for this program came from several meetings that were held to determine which programs would make the highest positive impact to our cooperative and for the communities and individuals served by REMC. Due to our company's commitment as a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, that stresses community involvement, Operation Round Up was proposed to make REMC more visible in our communities. This idea was presented to the REMC board of directors who approved our participation. Currently over 200 electric cooperatives nationwide run the Operation Round Up® program.

As you can see, this becomes your program, belonging to all of you, as customers of REMC. We simply provide the vehicle for organizing this effort. To help you understand the program please see frequently asked questions (under FAQ).

How can I make a one-time donation to Operation Round Up®?

Single donations from REMC customers and others outside of our service territory are welcomed. Simply mail in a separate check, indicating it is for ORU, to P.O. Box 599, Monticello, IN 47960.